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Why Choose BumbleBee?

Everything You Need To Know

**We are a Sister Company of Bullseye Auction & Bullseye Liquidators.  Over the past decade plus we have been an industry leader in the personal property and business liquidation market.  A lot has changed in the industry and the needs of both buyer's and seller's has changed.  While there may never be a "right"way to sell every single deal we firmly believe that the online venue is without a doubt the most efficient and overall effective way to liquidate.  With over 20,000 online transactions over the past 3 years...we have proven this venue is a great way to put buyer's and seller's together.  NO Deal is too big and the online venue allows us to take nearly any type of liquidation to market effectively.

**Our background makes this a GREAT fit for us.  We are a 100% family run company.  Nearly all of the work is done by Glen & Becki & Family....and this fits our background perfectly.  Glen has a degree in marketing with extensive sales experience and Becki a degree in Computer Science.  This combination makes the online venue a perfect fit.

**With the online venue we can operate an efficient auction in nearly any location in nearly ALL of Colorado.  Whether you face parking challenges or a time crunch we have maximum flexibility to meet your personal needs.  Our unique approach to the online auction venue allows reduced moving/disposal costs and far less planning time.  The bottom line...Our services are an absolute no brainer if you are liquidating a large business or estate.

**No Deal is too big and there is simply no better way to liquidate.  If you are looking to sell a few items we may not be your best choice.  If you are looking for an entire liquidation we would love you to give us a call and get a FREE consultation/evaluation.    We are available 7 days a week and there are no "sales people"....you will always deal with Glen or Becki.  There are so many reasons to choose BumbleBee....now you gotta call and put us to work for you!